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Lirik Ester Rada - Life Happens

Sometime it seems like you just saying cause
You afraid that the silence reviles you much more
Paralyzed by the thought that maybe you got caught
Packing your lies in a suit case and run fast to another fake choice

While your looking astray
While ignoring the pain
Life happens
While surrendering to fear
While holding back the tears
Life happens

While closing the doors
I don't know what your waiting for
Life happens
While you covering up
While you acting it tough
Life happens

You prefer a long walk inside a sad head
'stead of a journey via happy eyes
That stone that seats up in your heart keeps rolling over again
Saying wake up son its an everlasting game

No matter how hard you try to clean up this mass
Theres always a stain down there in your chest
Been awhile since the last time you slept so they won't catch you off gourd
And its not painful like it used to be
Guess habit grow with us

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