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Lirik Poema - Forget you in LA

I don’t know how I’m supposed to hate you
Cause I forget how you did me wrong
When you’re around, I don’t think I can avoid you
Still I tell my friends I’ve moved on

So maybe I’ll try out the east coast, oooh
I could be there in a day
Or maybe I’ll try out the west coast, oooh
And I’ll forget you in LA

Keep coming up in conversations
You’re showing up, I see you at the same shows
3AM, diner coffe and ash trays
Holding onto habits I gotta let go

I’m only dreaming of leaving
Wasting time overthinking
Running is easy, believe me
Doesn’t feel like you need me
Would you want to keep me if I

Tried out the east coast
I just need to get away
Or maybe I'll try out the west coast ooh
And I'll forget you in L.A

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