Lirik Lagu Rohani Dee1 - I'm not perfect im a christian

One thing I learned about life is everybody can't like you
And if they like you, what that really mean at the end of the day
You only gotta answer to one man
Better know who you are

So tired, tired of ridin' the fence
Feel like the Lord looking down like "Dee, I ain't convinved."
Uh-uh, it all hit me one night
What's my purpose on this earth, I think I lost sight
It's kinda hard to stay focused up in this game
So many bad influences be tempting you to change
I know the people see I'm a positive dude on stage
But it's a difference between being positive and being saved
Get deep with me

I'm in the room playin' music for some industry folks
Whoo! I keep that heat with me
I feel like they could take me to the next level
Tryna impress 'em and show 'em my talent special
Look, the conversation turns religious
It's so convenient to say 'I believe in God." and keep it real vague and not specific
Do I not wanna offend nobody?
Do I not wanna go in detail and risk 'em talking crazy 'bout me?
Am I worried 'bout what's convenient for me?
Am I disowning Christ before others, Matthew 10:33
Man, am I playing it safe as can be? No sir
I'm not afraid to proudly claim my Christianity

I'm a Christian
And that don't think I mean I'm perfect
But I know I got a purpose
That's why I'm on my grind
I'm a Christian
Got God's favor so I shine, my swag is divine
Operating on His time
I'm a Christian
I can't deny it, I can't deny it, no need to hide it
I'm a Christian, wha- what, what, what?
I'm a Christian

They ask am I a Christian rapper, a rapper that's a Christian
More swag and more lyrics than your favorite rapper
'cept I'm on a different mission
Unashamed disposition
Sanctified with a vision
Down to ride, I ain't trippin'
Devil tryna catch me slippin'
Now I be on television, so all of the stakes risen'
Not gon' die or go to prison
Not a product of the system, nah
I'm rebellin' and tellin' my brethren
That what the media yellin' and sellin' won't get 'em to heaven
No sir

Get deep with me
Jesus died for my sins on the cross
But this girl tryna sleep with me
Do I do it and satisfy my flesh?
Or make up some excuse like "Uh, I forgot the latex."
Or do I man up and say "I can't do it
Cuz I ain't tryna disobey the word of God."
Am I scared I'm gon' look foolish?
Am I scared she gon' make fun of me?
Not no more, cuz I proudly submit
To this bible sitting in front of me

This ain't no court room, but everybody quick to judge
Can't wait for me to slip so they can quickly pull the plug
It ain't no love
They say I hang out with the thugs
If I recall right Jesus hung out with the thugs
Am I lyin'?

But it's never just because
Know I'm really on my grind
Mark 2:17, yeah that be really on my mind
I'm relatable yet different, yes I walk that thin line
Most can't but I can, it's difficult but I'm trying
So I pray I affect those around me

I pray I influence the environments that surround me
I pray for all the people who judge me and who don't get me
They hatred don't affect me, they was never ridin' with me
Ride with me in this tank, you ain't safe up in your car
Spread the word, trending topic
Yeah, this a spiritual war
God's army, satan's army; tell me who you fightin' for
Most don't even know we fightin'
And that's who I'm writing for
To englighten ya

Terima kasih. Semoga bermanfaat ya. GBU

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