Lirik Lagu Rohani Thi'sl - Straight out the trap

I loved the game and I swore I wouldn't quit
Was married to it like money makin' itch
Addicted to it when I took my first hit
When I stepped on the mound and I threw the first pitch
Doing dirt trying to load up a 9 Glock while you was in the hood eating dirt out the sandbox
Me and Fred getting paid off the bedrock
Never did they tell me that they might get the man wrong
I'm fresh off the stoop

Trying to get my paper right so I can hop in the coupe
OG hit me up he said he coming to swoop
Told me bring that chopper with me I got something to do
Yeah he told me go get my mind right
Do a couple things told me go get my grind right
That day I hopped out that van with a plan and a sip in my hand I'm about to be the...


I'm bout to drive my momma crazy
She say she don't even recognize her baby
Because I'm out here with these savages the clique full of cocaine Cowboys like the eighties
18 running my own spot
While the OG's hold it down on a cell block
Mama praying I don't get dropped been in the war so many times that I'm shell shocked
I hopped off the stoop went and got my paper right and then I hopped in the coupe

Got my burner on my waist like I was Bishop from Juice cause he's with shooters running out like they got something to prove
Feel like I can't trust my man cause the feds across the street they listening in the van
The jack boys rugged trying to snatch in my 'Bans
Nobody told me that it costs what it costs to be the

Terima kasih. Semoga bermanfaat ya. GBU

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