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Lirik Lagu Rohani AMP - Better

Listen to the sound
Of His glory and renown
There is no better life than this
To be living for the King
Lord to give You everything
There is no better life than this!

We're all in it; no turning back; We out here! it's kinda wack
how some rowdy cats talk about the Law and the Word like it's just an almanac. 
I'm like NAH, Sorry! This life is like a safari.
I was fishing for my purpose in a pool of calamari. 
But it fell short; well, it's alright. cause it shaped me; 
crazy how my past woes and my daft goals were woven into this all white
robe I wear in His courts, yo. Perhaps the color is purple
cause I was deemed as royalty when Christ rose from that dirt, bro.

even if nobody goes with me, I'll still choose to follow 
The Way that, amazingly, saved my act like claps at the Apollo.
Bravo! Bravo! There is no one like Him!
I'll shout it at the rooftops 'til my voice sounds like a bison. 
Dad says I need to get serious and start working a real job.
You think I like to get jeered and mocked, just to hear the scoffs of Korean moms?
Each harsh word that I hear stings, burning deeper with each bite. 
Regardless of what comes my way, there ain't nothin' better than this ride. 

Foolish (huh?), you tell me that i'm foolish?!
'cause i got Living Water in my tool kit?!
'cause i got a peace that'll never cease, you want to tell me that i got to make an argument & prove it?!
Who's with me, all of the saints
living in Spirit and seeking true faith
giving their life for the Gospel and spreading a love and a joy like a rock that won't shake!
I'm talking 'bout discipline,
takin' every temptation, we killin' em
and even when i might FALL, my worth is not my work but my Christ and he took it all!
I feast in that true LOVE
true vulnerability in truth, cuz!
forgiven when I once was cursed
ain't nothing better than a life that works!
i see a world that is broken
whether sex, money, drugs, or a red pen
i see the love-sick sick to their stomach and they're reaching out to anything but His plan
but it's a plan for the best
real worth, no hole in your chest
given real identity as a son, a daughter in the courts of the King, rest!
we're living out that world view
to bring shalom, restoration, make the world new!
a steadfast love, all the saints we're living proof
ain't nothing better than to say that Jesus is the truth!

This life's a battlefield, good and evil, but the war is won, living in the sequel
King Jesus reigns Supreme, no one equal, we stand in victory, soar like eagles
But the journey's tough, no room for barrows, hard to walk and balance on a path that's narrow
Marching home, clean the trenches, with a heart of fire and a will relentless

What fear of death is left for those, last breath we know, just another door
Enter paradise, with our King and Lord, YOLO, naw homie wrong way to go
We live eternal, don't follow crowds, with our mind on heaven, guess our head in clouds
We live it loud, proud, unashamed, no self-promotion, just rep the King!

Aliens and foreigners, dying daily but no need for no coroners
We ain't promised easy, or drama ceasing, but suffering builds the heart, believe me
Repaying bad with good, love our enemies, paradox to the world we're living in
Saints are marching in, demons scattering, Jesus name got the cages rattling

Standing firm on the only truth, books, 66, that'll change your roots
Reshape your view on life once corrupted, to be a light in the midst of darkness
And we may fall, fail, unperfected, but grace abounds is a crazy message!
The perfect life of Christ, imputation, nothing better knowing that we're headed home, 
who's waiting?!