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Lyrics Christian Brian Reith - Antidote

She set out to make a change
And leave her broken shattered past behind
Past behind
Get back to the fairy tales
She dreamed about when she was just a child
Just a child

She used to be an optimist
But now she sees the obvious
She's running out of places to call home
At night time she cries out
The skylights be her audience
'Cause no one else will listen to
Her silent lonely soul

She's looking for an antidote
She's looking for a man that won't
Take advantage of her heart and steal her soul
Leave her in the freezing cold
A remedy
That will take the pain away
So she can go and start her life over again
Let the broken pieces mend

At age 19 she's tried it all
But can't remove the poison from her veins
From her veins
She blames herself and tries to numb
The shame imbued by self inflicting pain
Over and again

Something deeps inside her heart
Rekindles and ignites a spark
And burns like candles lighting up the dark
She feels the air and breathes it in
And dares herself to dream again
She's going on a search for something
Worth believing in

Now is not forever
All that's seen will fade away
These wars will end
There is an antidote
To heal your broken pain
There is a lifeline that hides
Inside the maker of your frame
He gave His life
Hold your head up high
You will get by
You will get by