Lirik Lagu Rohani Brian Reith - Awe Struck

Uh, you make my heart stop beatin'
Had to go to the doctor to check my breathin'
It's like my lungs collapsed every time that I see ya
Stumblin' over my words when I try to speak
I'm like, "Duh, what are the chances of a guy like you and a girl like me?"
Wait, oh, see?

You did it to me again
There ain't no need to pretend
You make me weak in my knees like Priest Holmes '04 week ten
Oh, you don't like football? Well that's okay
I'm thinkin' we can still manage to get along anyway
I've never felt this way butterflies in my tummy
They said that this is normal otherwise I'd feel funny
You're so money, every since our eyes met
My mind's set on you non-stop like the Energizer bunny
You might love me, you might not
There's only one way to find out, sorry to put you on the spot but

I've never seen so much beauty at one time in one place
Your face
I'm awe-struck (Oh heaven help me)
I've never been so in love with another
Sure there's no other
I'm awe-struck (Oh heaven help me)

Girl you got me in a choke hold
With a grip tighter than Stone Cold
I'm on my last breath but I won't fold
You like a royal flush while I bluff cause you don't know
Even with a hand full of failed I don't fold
I'm lovin' the way you walk, talk
Even how you chewin' your food

Every smile you give seems like it's new and improved
I even like how you get rude when I ruin your mood
I think you're cute when you're mad with that bad attitude
I gotta hand it to you, so fabulously produced
No mind can fathom the sight of seein' you do what you do
I've graduated past the stage of infatuation
My imagination couldn't assimilate the way that you move
Please understand my frustration, I'm losin' my patience
I need you like a spoiled kid needs his PlayStation
I'm just tryna to get my foot in the door
Don't mean to put no pressure on you
I just thought you should know
That's how it is

Every second of every minute that I am not with you
I'm losing my mind
Every minute of every hour that we're not together
We're just losing time

Uh, now I ain't tryin' to sound desperate
But without you in my life, girl I'm desperate
Alone on this island
There's nothing left of it
We were meant to be together most def-in-ite-ly
The word love that's a underestimate
You're like food and water to me a necessity
The most essential ingredient to this recipe
Just let me know if you're with me or if you disagree
I'll understand

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