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Lirik Lagu Rohani Dominic Balli - America Dream

I was just a boy when they told me 
What you gonna be and they sold me 
The American Dream for a small fee 
The price of my life and my own dreams 
What about a dream where the Kingdom comes 

Peace on the earth and his will be done
What about a dream where the people fight 
Not for fortune and fame but for saving lives
She'll consume your future if you just let her be 
Hold the world a hostage From sea to shining sea
You can call her freedom, but she can't set you free 
And don't you dare disgrace her She's our American dream

American dream, I was never told that the high life 
Would demand my soul such a high price 
I've been drinking the Kool-Aid the whole time 
Believing the dream till it stole mine 
What about a dream where the people cry 
For the healing of a land both soul and mind 

What about a dream where the dream was changed
Not for change sake but for the highest gain
They say cash rules everything around me it seems 
For thirty pieces of silver you can buy you a king 
And forfeit your soul become a slave to the machine 
Some would sell they're own momma for the American pipe dream 

Redemption disregarded to the good news imparted 
Exempt from consequence spiritual free-dumb to free-tarded 
Morally decayed selfish in my ways I live to get paid 
I'm so American made

American Dream (America the American Dream) 
American Dream (America my American Dream) 
American Dream (America the American Dream) 
American Dream (What does it cost for my American Dream)

Program me then program the future 
Program schools and program the teachers 
Program youth then program the future 
Then program me to think I can lose her 
Trap me hold me mind and my body 
Teach my feet to walk like Zombie 
Consume my life with the dollar sign 
Till I pledge my allegiance to lose my mind