Lirik Lagu Rohani Illijam - All Work Out

I was thinking bout summer night chillin
Penthouse pad with the mad high ceilings
My homies and I livin on the 3rd floor
3 flight of stairs had to carry all the furniture
Where’d I get it? Where you guess

If the idea was Ikea, you’re wrong it's Craigslist
Y’all talking low money, we’re talking no money
In debt Sallie Mae in the red loan money
Anyway we were tryna make it happen
Class in the AM, PM we were rapping
I got scars on my arms, I was tryna make cash
Funding these dreams by giving my plasma
9:50, hopping in the mini
Van, all I have don’t laugh just stick with me
Late night run up the road to Bojangles
It’s so close you know it’s so dangerous

Feeling like nothing can go wrong tonight
For the first time in a little while now
With the summer breeze, 80 degrees
Feeling good, everybody vibing with me like
I left my worries when I walked through the door
I know it'll all work out I've seen it happen before

I got one stacks, two stacks, three stacks, four
They talking dineros, I'm talking legos
But hold up wait a minute that was me just being childish
No Gambino, tryna be a light amongst the wildest
Been a while since I seen a thousand dollar balance
Why they gassing me? I only got a couple gallons
I'm stalling Sallie Mae, you know I can’t afford a stylist
Shh! If you see her, say my name is Alice

But I ain't got reason to worry bout it
Before I even knew about it, my God been heard about it
So I ain't really worried about your two cents
If it’s a penny for your thoughts then save your thoughts for your rent
Cuz I'm not really into being another pretender
On the radio faking, like he a big bread spender
Dead sinner I was, born winner because
God came to the earth and paid a price for this love

(Yoo), let's get it
Every time I get up on a mic I gotta spit it like:
(Yoo) Stop tripping
Ain't afraid of nothing ever since I started Living like
Oh yeah, we don't gotta worry
I know it ain't easy
But time will tell He can make Heaven out of Hell (Ironic Bombs)
How you think I'm cooler than the KoolAid

See me chilling when the poo ate fan
When the news ain't grand, we can laugh at the noose
We know if we’re hanging with Him ain't a way we can lose
I got my sights on Paradise yeah
It's already over we’re just running the clock
Until the night go, and the light grow
Count it loss at the bottom till we come out on top

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