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Lirik Lagu Rohani JGivens - Bienvenue by JGivens

Welcome to LV, NV
The city that’s seldom windy
Summer heat makes you think and wonder
If Hell would even envy
You’re listening to El v. Envy
Yahweh vs. The Enemy
Gotta stay with the King of King who reigns infinitely
Cause I be trippin' goin' insane when He not with me
Prince of the Air be flying by me bang, he trying get me
His only care is devising new lies to try to trick me
New inventions intending on extending my slavery
Like Eli Whitney

Big homie told me, “J, focus on paintin' pictures.”
Hey, I'm trying to avoid tripping on broken bottles of liquor
Broken sisters posing as strippers
Hoping for riches, open for business
Don't get it twisted her quote-unquote uncle’s pimpin'
Sun glistens off these replicated monuments
Taking patrons to any destination
All of these windows sparkling
The endo sparking and street symbols compliment the harlots
And the worship of these games
Cue the Nintendo cartridges
This gambling’s the reason these parents arguing
Addictions larger than attention given, to the kids at the apart-a-ment
That’s starving and the car’s not starting
And that pawnshop’s bargain is a long shot, pardon kids
How you steal your son’s Xbox from out of his closet? Huh?
Relax, you was gon’ get it back with that tax return
Either that or that check from that deposit

Woke up at 7:11
With a check for $711
Then you head to 7-eleven
For the lucky 7/11
Hoping you flip it, ooh, you’re addicted
Who are you kidding you lost it

Welcome to LV, NV
This city’s forever windy
Spirit filling this atmosphere and healing is elementary
Too, to that kid that just healed two kids back at that elementary
Periodically at that table follow me, elementary
Carbon copies of Abba’s only begotten
Chopping proper doctrine up and eating it
Read it and then we watch it
Like TV up in the 90s on ABC on a Friday
But this isn't living color my brothers, no Keenan Ivory
Our treasures hover above us while others is cleaning ivory
But we still love ‘em

No judgment because of the King inside
We tell others the Kingdom’s rising
Redundantly sing the Gospel
And pray that them others hear and get covered in hemoglobin
Eventually regardless the tempter will meet the prophet
That entered to leave the coffin
Repenters will be applauding
And every knee will be bowing
And every tongue will repeat with no option that He is God
Preaching to Stephen leaving him smiling with lovely stones
Ezekiel breathing weekly into these lovely bones
Providentially feeding poverty with this Trader Joe’s
This is our every day, people Sly and the Family Stone
Simply a rhyme to welcome you
To Las Vegas, the place where grace is

I have never played a slot machine. No I have, I have, but ironically it wasn't in Vegas but on an Indian reservation in California. But uh, I played a craps table