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Lyrics Christian Rapture Ruckus - Back To Earth

Can you see the stars tonight?
See the echoin' of light
Flying past the milky way
I'm lost in space again
I can't imagine how
I'm going to get back down
My radio ain't receiving nothing from ground control

And we know
This world is turning faster each day
For whatever reason, we lost where we're going
And we floating in otter space

All I know
Is spinning out of control
Somebody bring us back to Earth
'Cause i can't see through this cloud I'm in
But I'm hearing your voice
As you gotta come here
Somebody bring me back to Earth

It feels like I've been at it forever
So long I can't even remember
What It's going to feel to be home with yo
Yea, I'm holding you
I didn't even say goodbye
Just turned around and saw you cry
I'd give anything to be by your side to apologize
-Pre-Chorus and Chorus-
I'm ready for landing
My landing gear is down

But I'm coming way fast
I'm going to hit the ground
Somebody help me, somebody got me down
Somebody from the control tower
My ship is coming now
Hear it now
Can you see me now?
I'm burning up, I'm outta control
Outta fuel, I don't gotta enough
I don't know I'll make it through
We gotta a problem Houston
Can you pull me though?

Just bring me back to Earth
Bring me back to Earth