Lirik Lagu Rohani Rawsrvnt - All of the Lights

Ayo / Someone turn on the lights / I can't see / There's darkness all around me / And I don't know which way to go / People keep telling me to go this way / And that way / Which way's the right way / I wanna know / I'm lost and hurting / Tired and broken / Confused but hoping / That one day I'll break free / I'm so tired of this lifestyle I'm living / It feels like sinning is interwoven in my being and has brought me nothing but pain / Please don't judge me because I'm honest / Walk a mile in my shoes and you might wined up exhausted / I've been to hell and back but yet I keep on trucking / Quitting is not an option / So no matter how big or how high this mountain is I'm still down to climb it / I'm convinced that I need a new climate and I can't find it where I'm at right now / Tough times will either make you or break you / Depression can seep in and have you singing the blues / It's your choice so choose / I've been told in the end we win not lose / So I choose to keep on walking / Despite the tauntings I get from my enemies / 'Cause you can say what you want to say you still won't bury me / Chaos at times strives to overwhelm me / And suck the life right out me / But I won't give up that easily / I've seen light at the end of this tunnel / So no matter what I go through / At least I'm going through it and not stuck in it swirling around like a tornado / Whatever you need in life / He's got it / Right now seems to be my theme song / I was taught as a child my Father knows best / So I won't doubt Him / Selling Him out like Judas did to get his change on / So as I contemplate life in the midst of this darkness / I feel there's something much bigger than me that's honing in on a target / It's electrifying my whole body like my fingers in a socket / It's a joy unspeakable bubbling in me and I just can't stop it / It feels so good right now knowing that love has freed me from all this bondage / Thank You Jesus for lighting up my path / And showing me that love can overcome all of life's nonsense

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