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Lyrics Christian RedCloud - Battle Star Galactic

I feel a supernova swooping over you and your uh
Sit and wait a minute man
Seldom into sentimental propaganda
Elements of enemy
Headed for the pedigree
Deader than the beat or the feet of a centipede recipe
Better go retreat hypothetically
Heck I'll never let it be, heck I'll never let it be
Hey, y'all ain't ready calling any, all and everyone gets buried
Block and perry, glocks get carried by my lovely secretary
Area of 3-1-0 Hawthorne, LA killer California
Time flies like the wind, fruit flies like bananas
And yes that's Hydro my DJ

I'd kick myself in the drawers a couple times for the cause
Before you busters utter wackness in a battle you lost
RedCloud and sirROC, we running underground railroad chaingangs
Hanging off banging iron to cranium hey
Yo it's that awesome tonsil gospel that I tossed at your council
I'll bring an ounce of holy water like the 13th apostle
Yo if He's not Lord of all then He's not Lord at all
While He's knocking at the door we're nailing boards to the wall

BattleStar, how are you doing tonight?
You've got the illest freestyles I've ever heard in my life
BattleStar, why don't you jump in the cyph?
Come on and bless us with the freshest off the top if you're tight
BattleStar, you know tonight's open mic
100 dollars in your pocket if you're rocking it right
BattleStar, galactic and I'm worldwide
I might inherit the universe for the price of my pride

Scanning the surroundings with a retractable monacle
I spot a pteradactyl carrying a baby like a stork
I park my bionic Oldsmobile at the north star and wait

I'll bring my sand to the beach, and I'll stand on castles beneath
And damage coral reefs, deeper than deep, rinse and repeat
Believe the pleasure's immeasurable, the pressure is etched onto stone
Conquered by the concrete, born in Hawthorne
The fortress in flames, a passport for the bloodsport
Distorted in the corner with a crossbow and pitchfork
Washington, Oregan, Cali, marching in born again rallies
Washing and watering alleys, glad we can help
When my heart stops, when my heart stops
When my heart stops beating

I feel the beat and its freedom forever sweet
And there's really no need for breathing
But really what gets to me is the pistons plunging and pumping
And depending on perfect pitch, I'll predict that were getting lit
Man it's etiquette, none of the less
Credit for every breath
Prepare me with dedication for nations of burning up red
Reading the order from the warden, make it shatter, scar and crack it
Break me and make me until I'm battle star galactic
Order from the warden, make it shatter, scar and crack it
Break me and make me until I'm battle star galactic

(I'm coming through the speakers, coming through the tweeters
Coming out the closet wearing nothing but my sneakers
Word up to Pink, buddy, where'd ya get those peepers?
How much is that doggy in the window?
Hmm, come close honey, watch me do my diddy
Stomping through the territory, stomping through your city
Chrysanthemums and lilies, mmm pretty
You wanna freestyle but you couldn't free Willy)