Lirik ApologetiX - Boulevard Knights

Time is moving quick in these times were living in
Live, live from the City of God and fallen angels
From out the shadows. Ready for battle
I won’t stop till I feel my heart stop beating

Man, I feel like I’ve got to get it off my chest
Not that it’ll make me feel less depressed
But I’m extra stressed and I need you God
Cause my daddy’s gone. My daddy’s gone
And the family lost him. How do we move on?
And the family is broken and everything’s wrong
When my dad was young we never had a lot
But my Daddy worked so I was glad my Pops

Gave me whatever he could like a real father should;
Taking care of his family in a rough neighborhood
He grew up like a G so he was covered in tatt’s
And he was struggling with heroin up under his mask
Thunderous blasts cause he was suffering fast
Like why live in this cruel world when none of it lasts
Turn and go find comfort in it done with the past
It's true the tears rain down a little after the laughs

My family looks like the cast of American me
Or blvd nights Chuco from VGV
Blood in blood out you would think I was Miclo
But my brothers was Mickey, Big Bubba, and Kiko
And wed go rolling my brothers was gangsta’s
If you don't bang like they was then you ain’t a wanksta
Blue all stars white tees or you flamed up
Nothing like the new kids on the block, but we hang tough
Jordan knight wouldn’t last a night in surreal life
My brother Kiko lost his baby boy this is real life
Steel knife cutting out his heart was his motto
When the judge gave him 3 years for grand theft auto
Man, I dunno what I’m gonna do
Guess what, his wife is gonna have another boy soon
Now I have to walk up with his son his son his 1st day of school
So I taught him how to sing this song whenever he’s blue

Duck low the hood is warring
Can't you see the sky is falling
All the children calling
Can't you hear them far away?

I've got the wild style
Always been a foul child
My guns go boom boom
And your guns go bloaw bloaw

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