Lirik Close Your Eyes - Carry You

Even When the rain falls and darkness hides your way
Even when the hope you hold is starting to break
I will be right here; I'll always be right here

Don't forget that I promised to stand by your side
Through these dark nights
I won't let the weight of your guilt and regret swallow you whole;
You have a hand to hold

I know that life can be so hard
You can't stand underneath the weight of it all
And before you know the things you brought you joy
Have left you stranded stranded alone

When everything inside you wants to run away
And the dark won't give way to brighter days
Even if the guilt is more than you can take
When the world has abandoned you I won't turn away

When your heart is empty
I promise that I will hold you through the storm
My love will carry you

Even when the world has turned it's back on you
And all you need is a hand just to make it through
Never forget the dark gives way to brighter days
And no matter where you run I won't turn away
This bond can never be broken

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