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Lyrics Christian Braille - Changed Hearts

Spark a change in our hearts
I did it because my heart is different
Search our own hearts

Grace and peace ya'll, it's great to be back
I never left, but I stepped off beat to get on the right track
Moralism was my form of religion
Traded my self-righteous rags for a heart of contrition
Blessed is the man whose sins have been forgiven
There's no room for me to boast in my status or position
I deserve to be deserted, inserted into a casket
But instead I was converted and from God's wrath
Even though I'm insecure and introverted, I proclaim the good news
Through faith in Christ, my broken life is counted perfect
Who woulda thought that true biblical discipleship
Would change my heart more than world tours or fancy titles did?
Thought I was done with the rap, yo
Even reached a point when sitting down to write a rhyme was unnatural
My motivation is not the money or contractual obligations
My passion is persuaded by a changed heart

It's Humble Beast
They say my crew next (yeah) like sweaters when the hood is gone
And I understand what they mean, but I think they understood us wrong
They got a misconception like the song Lecrae put us on
It's God who makes the movement strong
To His name, all the glory belongs
Together we celebrate our collective success
But never use our positions to measure up our effectiveness
We could be on top of the charts but still be lost in the dark
So instead we just playing our parts and praying for changed hearts
Listen, it's not the sound of the beat that turns a life around
It's not the way the rhyme flows at a live show
That revives souls, no, it's the Word of God we stand on
His power is perfected in our weakness
His Spirit bears witness in the heart of the believer
So the artist is just the vessel, it's all about the Redeemer
Dead men come alive when the Gospel is heard
So the minister depends on God to work by His Spirit and His Word
To change hearts

And what I really wanna see is changed hearts
For so long, my aim was off
But it's not about me, my gift, or my skill
Hearts get changed when the Truth is revealed
The Truth is revealed
Hearts get changed when Christ is revealed