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Lyrics Christian Eshon Burgundy - Certified Gold

Yo Everybody got a dream
Whether or not it's misguided
It gotta be achieved
Cause we all gotta get it
Gotta get it indeed
Even if we make it ourselves
And try to get it to breathe
Man we all gotta need to believe

When we can get this stress
And all this pressure relieved
That's why we worship
Gucci, Fendi and Birkins
Imperfect people hurtin
Trynna find somethin certain
Searchin through the empty things
Tryna find purpose
What happens when you pass and find out that the gold worthless?
What if you get kilt in the house that you just built?
Work ya whole life to get out and end up in the pit still?
Only ambition is to ride around in big wheels
Become a CEO

Huntin hundred dollar bills
And it's nothing but the grind on ya mind
Cause you just tryna shine for an extended amount of time
Thinkin paper is the replacement for suffering
Made it to the top outta the basement discoverin
We addicted to hustlin
Conflicted by strugglin
Convicted by nothin when the idol is king
And the rest of the trinity is just us and our pain
Nothing will hinder me is what we seem to proclaim
As the pills and the alcohol flow through our veins
We are addicts
Attracted to the luxury and fame, yo

Shaped by the hands of mankind
Made for us to worship and to behold
Took a long time to carefully design
It look alive
It got everything but a soul
Yeah it's weak
But at least it's within our reach
Standin their posing like a centerfold
Told me take'em to church
Ok I'm gone preach
The devil got us sold on that certified gold

Certified gold
Certified gold
Certified gold
Gold Certified gold

Feel like we spend time prayin for more distractions
Things that keep us from the glory of the main attraction
Heapin on ourselves a ton of gold chains
Forward and backwards
Occupyin both lanes
No traffic

Use to want diamonds on my casket
So when I'm in the ground
They walk around sayin he had it
Now I’m trynna get my focus right
Fixin my glasses
Shoutin out the unknown God like I'm from Athens
You might spend all of your time studyin fashion
Or get obsessed with the essence of ya black skin
That go for anyone that turn their color into God
The lust for supremacy

Take'em under like a caption
Instead I’m focusin my vision on the True and Livin
And talk about the One that's risen
Hopin you would listen
Anything different is just a prison for ya soul
You married the game but it's okay to go get it annulled

This for the brave
Set ya idols on fire
Bust'em down
And discard the remains
Been a slave to social media
In recent days

Gotta keep Yeshua on my medulla
Pardon me for going thru a phase
Tryna get at that statue like I'm at the VMAs
Things we do for love
Homeboy you'll be amazed The One from above
Just got me off parole
Had a bracelet on my ankle
Made outta certified gold