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Lirik Lagu Rohani JGivens - But You Ain't Got No Legs

Let's go
(Thought I'd try on my sea legs)
(But you ain't got no legs, Lieutenant Dan)
Thank you for tuning in
What if loving was up to us
Wait, isn't loving up to us
Well if love was up to us
Then our love would be up

It was very necessary
Atonement was substitutionary
And now we spittin' the truth in every
The Eagle came to the aviary
Praying over these rats like Tom and Jerry
Preaching to the Pharisees
Speaking to 'em verily
Died like Heavy D
Rise like "Where is He?"
Eyes on the prize
In the hills like Beverly
Disguise the lies with these pills
Call it therapy
He said, "Will you marry Me?"
I said, "You scaring me
Plus, I give to charity
I am the pedigree
I am a felony?
Sin is repellin' we?
What is you telling me?"
It's real like Tel-Aviv
All of the parts of our hearts was in ebony
Chasing that Kelly green
That was the hell in me
It's gonna bury me
Enemy to Elohim
Cursed to a hearse
Pallbearers better carry me

What if love was up to us?
Isn't loving up to us?
But if love was up to us...
Then our loving would by up
(I'm Gone)
What if love was up to us...
(Phone, phone home)
Then our loving would be up
(Gone, g-g-g-gone, gone)

Can a dead body hear?
Not apparently
Definitely after multiple days
It's guaranteed
Did Lazarus choose the air
When He let it breathe
When Christ said come forth
Like the letter D?
Doctrinal differences
Is stopping these Christians
From dropping religion
It's blocking their vision
They're locked in a prison
And I ain't talking 'bout essentials
Stop in and listen
Talking 'bout these issues
Secondary to fishing
Like tattoos
And black suits
And rap dudes
Hats, shoes
Women wearing pants
Can'ts and fast food
They transformed the Gospel to bad news
Egotistical legalist mystical ritual
Mixed with some bad views
Love God with all your heart
Love your neighbour
Where it starts
It don't really matter whether it's ministry
Or it's art

Life is a ministry!
Whether you write down a simile
Or you like the clown industry
The problem is sin
And following men
Not havin' a Benz
Unless you can't give it away
Then it is
Is anybody listenin' to the kids?
We claim to seek the Kingdom
Well I think they know where it

(Gone, g-g-g-gone, gone)
What if love was up to us?
Then our loving would by up
What if love was up to us...
Then our loving would be up

That works-based chase
Camouflaged as faith
Is only out of sheer fear
A mirage of hate
An homage to Sat-
Ans façade of great
But that don't mean either
That you take advantage of Grace
Get back to the first Love folks
And if Christ ain't the head
Then your sanity is a joke
Get back to the first Love folks
And if Christ ain't the head
Your Christianity is a cult