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Lyrics Christian JGivens - Caught In The Reign

Rep Christ 'til we die
Lift His name like stilettos
Lion of Judah schoolin' the Nazarene ghetto
Millennium falcon pouncin' on these rebels
Your little violins got nothing on these cellos
Kingdom first but on Earth we seek pebbles
Gold in His streets is deeper than these yellows

Abraham spoke to God as three fellows
Timothy reads but we settle...
For a lie
Man-made proclamations
Pray for heretics headed for damnation
Faced with these interpretations
This enemy's literally robbin' us
Like Dick Grayson

Livin' to look different
Just like a mis-match
Ministering angels dispatch
We just tryna be the salt
Tryna season this earth like Ms. Dash
At the mountain shoutin'
Hands in the air like Six Flags
Everybody praying asking
"Kingdom, come quick"
The Gospel is
"The Kingdom is here, it's at fist!"

Well technically at hand
Connected to that wrist
Where they pierced the Lamb
Betrayed Him with that kiss
To all the women and men in this position
Struggling between your sin and your religion
Get rid of both, 'cuz the Truth is risen
Transform our backslides into back-flips
These are breaks
No backspins

Died for JGivens' and Jay Mac's sins
Lord willing we keep grinding like half Clipse
What up Malice
We see Him using your talents
The kid finally gets a ring
Welcome to Dallas
Your little brother's next on the list
Just keep at him
I'd rather see eagle's wings
Than see talons

To God be the glory
Solely for our salvation
Holy Spirit regenerating this foul nation
Check the Psalms
These pilgrims progressing
Screaming Soli Deo Gloria
Like Estefan
Even though you may not get saved off this rhyme
He's tryna tell us that our eyes ain't clear
Like Ben Stein

Holy Ghost be revealed in Romans 10:9
'Cuz Satan's infiltrating this wedding
Like Vince Vaughan
If the only way to heaven's perfection
We got a problem
If the only way to heaven's perfection
We got a problem
Oh my God whose gonna solve it?