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Lyrics Christian Manic Drive - Blue

Mold black models out of clay
I thought I'd made a masterpiece
Compared it to clones I thought I made an art that was unique
Only minutes passed me by
Something drastic caught my eye
My model looked the same as my acquaintance models once it dried

Dumbfounded scratching my head
I'll try again and instead
I'll use my strength and fingernails until I come up with something else new
I'll turn this black into blue

Tried my own way (Still I can never feel at home)
Please don't remind me (That I can't do this on my own)
Change my will to yours (Since I've been proven wrong again)
Tear my grey clouds and let my skies go blue

Made a smart judgement today
Thought my choice was good for me
My choice was better than anything I'd ever dreamed
Only seconds crossed me by
When her lips drew out that lie
My heart turned black when I lost hope I never noticed til it dried
Bluuuue yeah! Bluuuue yeah! Bluuuue yeah! Yeah, yeah!