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Lirik Lagu Rohani Matt Jackson - But for That Love Awaking Us

There’s no sorrow, Lord, to light
To bring in prayer to thee
There’s no anxious care too slight
To wake thy sympathy

Your voice I need, to carry me
Your will, not mine, be strong
My hope will rest in nothing less
Than what Your love has done

There is no secret sigh we breathe
But meets thine ear divine
And every cross grows light beneath
The shadow, Lord, of thine
Life’s ills without, sins strife within,
The heart would want to die
But for that Love Awaking us
And still forever does

To keep my eyes, on you my Lord
What stormy seas may come 
When want I want and what I need
Compete within my heart

Thou who has trod the thorny road
Wilt share each small distress 
The love which bore the greater load
Will not refuse the less

Love is patient 
Love is kind
Love each other see the face of God
In every eye there is a beating heart
Just aching to wake up