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Lyrics Christian Phillip LaRue - Chasing the Daylight

Some say my faith is like wings made of wax
That it won't last that I'm wasting my time
But have they ever felt a love like this
Grace like a gentle kiss beauty so divine

I was a soul
Stranded in bones
I was dream too afraid to dream without you
But now

I want to chase the daylight
Like it's the last day of my life
I want to run
Hide myself in the sun and feel all these fears
Melt away
And I will never look back no I will never look back
I'm gonna live this life
Chasing the daylight

There's still arrows in my heart
There's still time I fall apart
And all I am left with is why's
But then your love falls like a heavy rain
And I don't feel the pain
When you‘re by my side

So open up the sky
And open up my eyes
Open up the sky tonight