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Lyrics Christian Rob Halligan - Can Anyone Hear

I sometimes get to wondering 
If anyone would notice me quietly slip away 
When my songs have done there singing 
And everyone’s done listening and heading their own way 
But I’m here without a ride 
And I see the storm outside 

This road is long and winding 
And I’ve been here deciding if I should carry on 
All my words have done their saying 
And I cant help but thinking it’s time to move along 
But there’s still a storm inside 
And I don’t see the light 

Can anyone hear? 
Does anyone know? 
What goes on behind the brush that paints the masterstroke 
Does anyone see? 
The image in me 
Trying to find it’s way into the frame up on the wall 

If I could have just one wish 
I would ask that all this wouldn’t be for nought 
I’d hope that I leave more than 
Signs of my departure strewn across the floor 
And I hope this storm inside 
Will clear the air tonight