Lirik Lagu Israel Anna Zak - My Love

Ready or not here i come for ya  
Don’t know what you want me to say but  
I’ve waited a long time to run for ya  
And now I’m not afraid no  
Imma scream from the roof top  
That i’ve always loved you my baby  
Ready or not here i come for ya, come for ya 

What you need me to do for you baby  
Just say it is done 
I’ll go to the edge of mountain to show you my love 

My love 

I dreamed of this moment forever  
I guess it’s all about timing  
The way it feels in your arms  
Baby i can’t describe it  
Imma hold on this time  
And never gonna let you  
So ready of not here i come for ya, come for ya 

I don’t know where to start  
No i don’t know, oh no I don’t know 
Cause everyday you’re my favorite part of life

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