Lirik Lagu Rohani Blake Young - Class President

Come around and listen up cuz I got somethin to say/ I know I'm lookin kinda crazy but I ain't come to play/ I'm start the introduction that will lead to the discussion/ bout the person that I'm trustin and the reason I be bustin/ this is story all about how/ my life got twist turned upside down/ I was lost in the dark everyday was a dragg/and that's when he brought me to the school of swagg/my name is young chozen and im from the west/ I ain't finna act like my city the best/ But it made me me its part of who I am/ so ima rep it well as i bust the jam/ Ima leader of the true school candidate/My stand on the dabate some people could hate/ but my mandate is comin straight from the great/ so sit back and let me demonstrate/

I don't need a hall pass to put em on blast/Till my last I'm gone smash/My campaign is to show you the relevant I'm young chozen runnin for class president/
The president what, el presidentae
The president what, el presidentae
The president what, el presidentae
The president what, el presidentae
So can you come please vote 4 me

Testing uh is this mike on/Lemme come and paint a perfect picture like a nikon/ make the game scatter like roaches when the lights on/ finna get my russel crowe gladiator fight on/know that I'm commin the reason I'm runnin/ is people be frontin an actin uppin like my daddy is nothing/ and they bump they gummins and really thinkin they somethin/ but ever time i confront em all I can see is they bluffin/Ain't doin nothin / let me talk about my dady that's somethin/ no doubt about it without im I'm nothin/ like ya money says hes the prez and the head/ so in God I'm trusting/Pardon me lemme calm down and back up/ when I get a little excited I act up/ alot of things that I want to see undid/ and my campaign its well funded/

These sucker mc's finna make me mad/sellin their souls for a gucci bag/ 40 million records and they makin a dash/ then we see the tv and buy into the fad/Now me I live it by the golden rule/ that you can have fun love god and be cool/ I don't gotta compromise who I am/ just to get a high five and "dude your the man!"/If y'all vote for me ima bring the truth/ ima keep hot fiya comin from the booth/ ima keep the party loose like a baby tooth/ and show y'all guilt free how to raise the roof/So let's party like its 99/ get ya hands up if you wanna feel my shine/ if you like my flow gather round and round/ cuz a little sugar helps the medicine go down/

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