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Lirik Lagu Rohani More Than Rubies - Coming To The Light

Old man, whatcha gonna take to your grave
‘Cause there ain’t no secrets on Jordan’s banks
Can’t be much peace down in that soul
‘Cause people get hurt by what they don’t know

You had a little trouble
You swept it away
‘Cause that’s the way it was back in those days

Better lay it all out there while you can
‘Cause the Lord’s gonna make you show your hand
Keep it in the dark til you fly away
It’s all coming to the light one day

Hey, pretty girl, put in the line
Come out from the makeup you hide behind
You got a story to make a grown man weep
But you’re holding it in like it’s yours to keep
Life’s too short
No time to waste
Stand up, girl, you got something to say

Ain’t no corners, ain’t no shadows
Ain’t no trouble that love can’t handle
Ain’t no shame in coming clean
‘Cause when you let it go, it’ll set you free