Lirik Lagu Rohani PlayRadioPlay - Complement Each Other Like Colors

If we try hard enough I'm sure we could forget it
Cause this black-hearted wedding's enough to start a panic
We were clean for three days when you were running down the block
11 minutes sober now we're counting down the clock
And Donnie says you're the reason we are here
And we all know that what Donnie says is true
So go to bed this life is not a shameless waste

And we all know that's what it is to you goodnight
We will overcome every night to the sound of the kick drum
We've got it figured out every night to the sound of the break down
We can stand the street every night to the sound of the blast beat
I feel like my worn hands are empty waiting for God's new plans

Please darling won't you lead way
My world was flipped now I have gone astray
Now it falls apart every night to the sight of the dim stars
I take it slow because I have time
Back to the days when you were mine
Back to this faulty relationship

Back to the days when we both fit
Last time we returned to our old ways
What makes you think we'll change
PlayRadio taking the sound waves
The sound waves

Is this it or could we still compliment
eachother like colors in harmony that make
eachother look brighter like we did in the old days
like we did in the old days

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