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Lirik Lagu Rohani Tanner Clark - Cold Water

So baptize me
Down in the cold water
Wash me clean

Make me a better man
When I'm rust
You never ever let me falter
So take me down
Down in the cold water

When I was lost
When I was broken
I could not see
The light of day
But oh I found you
When I heard that sing
Then I knew
Amazing grace was on its way

So wash me clean
Of everything that I used to be
Set me free
I wanna live for You
All my days
I wanna sing your praise
Baptize me down in the cold water

Ever since that day
When you turn away
From my destruction
And from my pain
I've been renewed
With only one thing left to do
I gotta find my way
Over that river soon

So let the water rush over me
I was blind, but now I see
Tell you what I couldn't do on my own