Lirik Lagu Rohani Humble Tip - Epiphany

I'm at the beach, with a ball point pen in my hand/
I'll draw a line in the sand, I'm fed up with the demands/
No I won't lie to my fans, nor will I follow the plan/
I ain't a cop, I feel like squat, I'm kicking your door open/
I put a bug in the game, tapped they wires, found they secret/
You don't got to be a genius, to see it, they told me do not leak it/

Don't speak it, cold blooded they anemic/
They tryna make death smell good, Nicodemus/
Im far from paraplegic, Im so bout my walk/
You'd think its after school detention, way Im cover in chalk/
Because this flesh is dead, off with its head, just let that thing rot/
Its time to draw, the safety is off, um fin to let off some shots/
My brother told me that music supposed to provoke emotion/
So Im open, to the notion, my music's causing commotion/
Heaven or hell, is it Thor or lokey I'm invoking/

Im in the middle, earth, fighting, but you sleeping like you Oden/
Debtless, no man I am owing, His right hand man, they disrobed Him/
Ayne talking lobster when I say they cracked His back it was open/
And so Im ready to go in, the Coach is calling me dog/
My other albums, that was just me ripping my warm ups off/
Im happy you respect my craft, but we do not worship the same God/

That ain't dandruff, that's detergent, yeah they wanna brain wash/
Your thinking, sink their teeth in, they cut the breaks they not screeching/
Leave you sinking, car lights blinking, they sent you over the deep end/
Then they sabotage the scene with the open beers they were leaving/
In the driver's seat and, they made it look just like you were drinking/
That's the game that you trust, traded your brain, for some rust/
You a lame and you must, take His name and stand up/

Cuz His frame, it was crushed, forget the fame, I've had enough/
Im Lu Kane to the game, and I'm just kicking up dust/
This what happens when desperation to reroute our destination/
Is mixed with no hesitation, and fixed the heavens invasion/
Your debt He ain't paying, cuz you ain't ask for His saving/
Oh you don't wanna pay for your sins, we call that tax evasion/
And He coming to collect, He way worse than IRS/

Cuz if you cannot pay your debt, then he coming for you neck/
Or better yet, your eternity, I hope He don't expand yo tan/
Somebody bring an ambulance, this youngin doesn't stand a chance/
You in a war with no sword, surrounded without no ammo man/
He'll inspect what's in you left chest like a mammogram/
They say I sound to Christian with my flow/
A lot of youngins on the dock, but they just fishing for some do/
And I'm tired of being tired of everything that I just spoke/
This is my epiphany, follow me, if you want some more

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