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Lirik Lagu Rohani Whatuprg - Don't Forget To Live

Can't lie, can't lie
All my life I been terrified
About what they think of me
What they think of these
Songs I make, I mean, I can't be the o-
Only one

Stuck between a dream and everything I need
To meet society's standards of what it means to succeed
I don't wanna make a living if I'm missing life
I don't wanna make a million if I'll never buy
More time with the ones that we lost; what it cost
To get my point across? Tryna point you to the cross
Dog, why you so impressed by the people tryna flex?
Homie got a new whip but he in debt
And he ain't really happy when he looking at the check
Cause he got an image that he gotta protect

I just met a lil shawty
She was bad with a body
She the life of the party
But I'm not anybody
You know I got a dream baby
I wanna be a king baby
And if you wanna be my queen baby
You gon' need a lil thing baby
And that thing called patience
On and off relationships ain't for me
Want someone to love me, for me
But everyone around me actin' foney
Hell in a cell and my life Mick Folley
All of these L's gon' change one day
Stick around long enough, you gon' say
It was all worth it, know I don't deserve this
I just know God ain't done with my purpose, aw yeah

25 calls on my phone, yeah
Shawty tried to tell me I was wrong, yeah
I just wanna know what it's like to have it all, yeah
They all told me "no" I made it to an "aw yeah"

Hold up wait, hold up wait
Homie don't forget to live