Lirik Lagu Rohani AMP - Everywhere

You are everywhere
You surround me Lord with Your graceful care
So open my eyes to Your sovereign plans
I surrender my life into Your hands

You’re everywhere at any time, at any time You’re everywhere beyond the limits of time
Creator of time, maybe given to help us measure and understand what it means to wait on the Divine
No limitations to Your nature is major
Knowing You are patiently there through the good and the failures
I can never be without the One who is greater
Newly created in Christ is bonded to the Creator

Your will is my sanctification (1 Thess. 4:3), circumstances I’m facing; Your grace is amazing!
You turn’em around from pain into praising
Countering attacks into ways I can praise You
Your Sovereignty is astonishing
How the Cosmic King dwells inside of me
Past iniquity He’s relinquished me
From the tyranny of chaos to His symphony

Give me eyes to see
My life in light of eternity
so i can know You in your pain
I know for me You felt the same
Upon that cross You died
You shine Your light into my life
So open my eyes to Your sovereign plan
i surrender my life into Your hands

In the seasons when I’m all out of luck.
In the moments when I’m all crawled up.
In the days when I’m feeling really drained
running in a loopy maze of a life and begin to feel jaded.
I’m hidden in my bunker when the war goes on
while singing a somber song.
It’s the beginning of my demise.

All of my hope is gone; I am but just a pawn.
My life’s feeling like a neglected tool.
When I dine with the swine, is God there too?
If I get the short end of the stick,
will I be able to build a grand staff with the twigs?
But then I’m reminded I’m a beloved
son of a God who’s got dominion over the summit.
Romans 8:28 - man, I stand on it.
This is gonna be my banner; put a flag on it!

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