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Lirik Lagu Rohani Izzi Ray - Exekiel 16

Worn, broken, dirty
Left alone
Helpless, slaying
Left to die in my blood
You found me, helped me, made me live and thrive

You promised me your love
And made me alive
You washed me, cleansed me, dressed me
Made me a queen
You saved me, made me stunning
Legendary beauty

But I trusted, abused and relied
Only on my beauty
I completely defiled and degraded
Everything you gave me
I became an unfaithful wife
I gave into envy

Made you angry, so you judged me
Then you turned me over to my enemies
I'm weak, spent
with longing lust in my heart
Wicked, sinful, guilty
Torn apart

Living for my glory
I'd forgotten my own past
And everything you've done for me
Yet you put aside
All your wrath, all your anger
All your jealousy

You remembered our covenant
And showed me grace undeservingly
You redeemed me, and restored me
Gave me life, love, and atonement
I'm overwhelmed by your mercy,
Patience, passion, and forgiveness
I am yours, and you are mine
Made me new
Formed me to your likeness
I'm surrendering my all
All I am

This crazy love has left me speechless
I am Yours
I am Yours
I am Yours
I'm all Yours