Lirik Lagu Rohani Jael Johnson - Everything You Need

Your smile is better than sunshine
Your eyes hypnotize
You speak, I can barely breathe
Cause your words are a symphony
And as you play sweet melodies
Let my heart be the harmony

singin' la, la, la, la
i wrote a song for you and me
singin' la, la, la, la
you melt my heart with the words you speak
singin' la, la, la, la
and i'm wishing that i could be
Everything, everything you need

This love i can try and hide it
To be honest i don't want to fight it anymore
You laugh, my world goes crazy
How long will it take for you to see...
You're all i need

All of these moments have wasted away
I try to find the courage to finally say
I'm falling hard for you each day
Every day…..
I wrote a song for you and me….

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