Lirik Lagu Rohani Lawren - First Day

Pieces, pieces
Yeah, yeah

Feeling the pressure, feeling the pressure
Killing the message. You know what message
Our time is a blessing, no time for the stressing
I'm looking in every direction
Opponent at the end of the section
I ain't nothing to mess with, yo I ain't nuthin to flex on

My king is just selling his press on
Move to the hood with no vest on
You worried about making the best song
You worried he losing his soul
Light brand new but the mission is old
El is so happy his heart is so cold
The adversary go hunt for some souls
I believe it I receive it how the ceiling know the meaning

Walk or feed on the name of Jesus never leaves us
Yeah, so real, so true
Children are washing up shores
And you still worried 'bout making your moves?
I'm feeling the pain of wanting away
All in this is but he wants to pray
Now losing my faith that ain't Brazil
Struggle with sin but we go for the kill
They be like "How did you know that He's real"?
I gave Him my life, never look back
The homies did, never could crack, yeah
Just move from running to be
Never saw Christians I thought I should be
Wanted the people look down on to me
Hated the King, hated the Gospel
Hated the Bible with all of the confidence

But yet I'm giving Him praise
Give Him my life for the rest of my days
Why do you think that we call on His name?
Why do you think that we call on the saints?
To live is to Christ, to die is to gain
Five years later I'm feeling the same
I wanted to show I can't get it back
Lost some friends to Lucifer's trap

Yeah lost some friends to Lucifer's trap
I wanted them back but the damage was done
Wanted them back but the damage was done
Yeah, I'm not recent with that statement
'till my blood hits the pavement, 'till the people you enslave
Receive the Gospel with all its greatness
I can't fake this what my faith is
Will that make you believe?
I'm a give you a piece of me
I'm in pieces peacefully

Welcome to Pieces

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