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Lirik Lagu Rohani Rhema Soul - Fly

Mama, I remember them times when Daddy was on the grind
Not for the money, but daddy's infatuated with dimes
And you wanted him out, but wanted him to say
Especially when we seen him out playing like a player plays
I would call him daddy, his friends called him Dickie, but Ice Man is what they use to call him in the city

Because his game was so cold he would leave the girls chilly
And at fiv years old I just thought he was a lily livered coward
Ah man, Mama here's a flower
Because I'm gonna be the man
At least I thought that I would

Fast forward on the hour glass I'm dealing with his shadow
And not being the way my daddy was is a battle
So being as far from the tree is where I'm planning to travel
They say the apple don't fall far from the tree but I had to
Disprove statistics, now I got a Mrs. and a princess and it's so fly, I'm living limit less

When we met I was pre-teen
Young an impressionable I met you on the East wing
Posted by the locker rooms and you wanted to be seen
So I maneuvered to the spot, attention was locked and loaded on a real thing
So pretty and pristine, then from front to the back I studied you, blood rushing like a bee sting
All of my senses were got, infected I caught glimpse of a beauty more painful than the one the sea brings

A little boy infatuated with a dime
Drawn in like a scavenger and straddling the line
Who is really to blame for the mystery of discovery?
Borne of the flesh, hiding our nakedness with shrubbery
Break loose from tom foolery and lust
Watch it boast a heavy punch and knock you over like a windless gust
Boyhood dreams are so fleeting and cunning
Just don't forsake the lord in your days as a youngin

It was a sunny day, riding on my bike like kids play
He's nearly twice my age, took a liking to my frame
And now he took away pieces of my youthful days
And introduced me to a stage I should know about at that age
How do you explain living life with fits of rage?
He told me I'd be gay and now my heart is full of hate
I wanted to escape like a wing upon a plane

Fly away to a place where I'd feel no more pain
I'm fading away because I know it don't exist
So I look to exit in his smile he look so brave
He knows what to say; like a potter I'm his clay
He's molding me away into this image I portray

But it's all so fake, because inside I'm cold and pained
His words have left a curse and now I'm living with the shame
But what can I say? Freedom came my way
And like an eagle now I'm soaring flying high above the waves