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Lyrics Christian JHan - Han Solo

Been about 4 years and I’m still here
Took a lot of “L’s,” but defeat I can’t fear
Mr. Han Solo coming grab a shiny pair of pom poms
Give it to my mama, she’ll be cheering ‘til her arm’s gone
Tell her that her only son is going international
It feels magical to travel to the mother land

I gotta bring my tom-tom, navigate the capital
So radical though I’m just another man
I’m hearing my alarm clock, time to wake up rapido
Grabbing the salonpas, zeal I got is flammable
Burning brighter every day I feel it in my mandible
Fire breathing dragon giving life into your soul
Long pause …

Y’all think believers are making knock-offs
Why you only settling for tapas?
Let’s take it to the HNL and pop off
God over everything and you can never stop us!

You know the deal we keep it trill
I don't think they're ready for the real
Okay! my whole squad's in the building
And we're making noise 'til we blow the whole ceiling off

I’m going harder than I’ve ever been
For this life worth dying for, the evidence
In a man who died for every sin; arrivederci
To my vagabond ways -- I’m a resident!
[woo-ha] How you like me now, boi?
You can try to steal my joy, throw the towel, boi

[woo-ha] Fighting tough for thirty rounds, boi
Jealousy and envy love to stay on the prowl, boi
Oh no, oh no don’t bring me in that corridor
Or that four-door cause my coronary won’t ignore it
Gloating for it; issued court orders for the gore
Plus the coroner isn’t going for it
Bring a quart of water, running for The Glory
Am I baffling the people with these allegories?
Is it weird I’m not bashful or coy?
Going 0 to 100, airbag will deploy

I’m wylin’ on this beat, I’m a rebel with a cause
Mr. Han Solo living like I’m on the winning squad
I ain’t flexing with a Rolex, oh yes
I’m about that frugal life! tryna bounce no checks
Hmm, I’m tryna be a man; so rise up
To the occasion, to the high call -- wise up!
But this Peter Pan is really tryna beckon me

To eat a couple peppers off the juvenile tree (no way)
I’d rather have Mcnuggets with a bowl of rice
Notarize a horde of fries and kimchi on the side
I ain’t crazy, yea I grew up on this menu
At the cleaners every Saturday morning, man, I tell you
That my mom and papa showed me how to work and how to hustle
Working every muscle raising kids in this puzzle
Called America, the land of plenty and Versace dreams
Mine was more like Japaghetti, you know what I mean!