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Lyrics Christian Cor Captis - Heart Capture

You captured the plea
When you designed the copy of the key
The document in blood
Signed with the follow of my memories
When our worlds collided and you decided to leave
I fell apart

This land will finally be
Something that I see
Something that I see
From a distance far and free singing
This old ground will surely fade
Like a memory of a day
A memory of a day
A decade far away

Few found the trail inside
To understand the lies that you decided to hide
Where life was on repeat
And God became a song that you sang
When I heard that un-ignorable melody
I ran away

The cave inside my heart became
Deeper dark and lost
And formed a grave I almost took
Before I found the lock to my freedom
My freedom

Those heavy chains that love broke thru
Fallen to the ground
Creating a new sound
A song forever bound
To my soul