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Lyrics Christian Kb, Jasmine leshea - Heart Song

Yeah, I’d like to dedicate this song to two good friends of mine; Phil Wonder and Jasmine Le’Shea

Yeah, I wish I could've been there
When you first got the news
I had nothin' to share, I just wanted to be there for you
Weep, please use my shirt
We plead 'til our eyes hurt
Look, we ain’t gotta speak
We’ll be bleak, please, it’ll be fine son
The doctor said head is barely operable

It's got your brain lobe and when they go in here it's gotta go
When you're awake walkin' and talkin' will be an obstacle
It's hard to feel hope writin' your will at 27 years old
But you never said I’m too young for this
Not a mumblin', grumblin' word on your tongue and lips
Like, "God why?", lift up your chin and pump your fist
Like all these years of lovin' Him and this is what I get?
You know I had to cry, lookin' in your eyes
You said in your life or death, Christ will be glorified
This muscle in my chest is broken, leakin' but I’m in Jesus
But something's underneath it
A heart that never stops beatin'

Underneath these broken pieces there's a heart
That never stops
When you feel your life is bleedin'
There's a heart
That never stops, that never stops beatin'

I wish I could've been there when she found it was surgical
That the thing affectin' her airports was terminal
I could see the devastation on her parents’ faces
Your baby girl has a bad heart and it needs replacement
Born this way, we can’t medicate it
Somebody has to die with a good heart, then we’ll exchange it
Some sort of substitute, or she won’t survive
John Q in real time, she needs a savior
But she had one, at 14 it went down

Heart transplant so this one would be the second round
But this procedure isn’t near as crucial as the first
Cause this new heart will stop beatin' even if it works
She didn’t dwell on all the stuff that she would never be
"If I don’t get picked from this list Eternal joys ahead of me"
The nurse said she's in denial that’s why she keeps a smile
No, she hoped to God and the donor came at the right time
That’s why you hear her singin' now

Underneath these broken pieces there's a heart
That never stops
When you feel your life is bleedin'
There's a heart
That never stops, never stops beatin'

I might not know what the answer is
But I know what the answer isn’t
It can’t be that He doesn’t care or He's nonexistent
Sufferin's a problem and why many are rejectin' God
But just cause you don’t know the answer
Doesn’t mean there isn’t one
What if God’s plan for pain isn’t for you to skip it
We need the nightmare to appreciate not bein' in it
Deeper the pain, deeper the game upon it's endin'
Plus God will take our pain so serious He joined us in it
Jesus suffered like none other when He was on the cross
Why do the good die? That only happened once
But the good rise, but not for good guys
He gives new hearts and eternal life to the ones who should die
He gives our pain purpose, this is not in vain
We endure, in joy, for the end joy of seein' His face
It’ll all make sense then
Years of sufferin' made up for in an instant

This may be the last breath that I take but it's okay
It's fine by me, oh
If for some reason
I’m not here when you wake, it's okay
I’m where I need to be, oh

The average life span of a heart transplant is 10-15 years
My dear sister Jasmine is on year 11
And as I get to know her, the more I find out
No matter what happens she has a heart that will
Never stop beating
I love it, yeah