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Lyrics Christian KB - HCB Freestyle

A-K, A-K that's how my tongue sprays
Love is my clip and
Ya'll gonna be my gun range

And I'm like he's commin' back, uh he's comin' back again
What I care about keeping up with what car you dashing in?
Look here, it's too much for you haters
Three much for you haters
Jesus coming off hiatus, on that Arnold Schwartzenegger
And we knew it along, now the world now knows our master lives
They'll see Jesus the king of glory on a cloud like Apple is
But he want that cake, cake, cake party like it ain't no thing
Man it ain't no thing, they
Vacate everything the saints gonna say
"We don't want you faith, we don't want your grace"
You think you ain't gonna pay? No it ain't no way, no way
The lamb that was slain is the king and he reigns and it ain't no game

We go, we go, wherever He go
In the faith we firm like like lawyers and paralegals
We was endangered like a pair of eagles
Now we unchained and covered in blood, Tarantino
I got the new about it flow, not that hollow flow
That models, bottles, molly, babble flow
This that martyr flow, that I'm a pot and God's a potter flow
And it gonna sow, that's the kind of flow that's current
So I call it power flow, powerful, no I don't boast
But you gotta know
This that type a rap that'll hit the trap and straight turn the fire off
Straight turn suppliers off, higher them with that higher boss
Make a drug dealer, thug killa turn to the God of all, all
I used to be the one who had to be the ladies man
Now look at my left hand, now I'm a one lady man
Now I'd love to meet all my unashamed lady fans
(No offense) But there's a line in the sand I flirt with one lady, man, that's it
My sister's ain't sex crazed, or sex dazed
They only check mates that look at more than their chest gain
Porn ain't no [?] my men don't play rated X games
Catch 'em at Passion with passion x'n out the sex trade
What's up Louie?

A-K, A-K that's how my tongue sprays
Truth is my clip and
Ya'll gonna be my gun range
And I'm like he's commin' back, he's comin' back mayne
Plenty names been given to man, but only one that saves
The Lord is on his way, let me tell you what I see
The earth is passing away, the new one is coming to be
No more need for hope, why hope in what you see?
The glory of the Lord is right in front of me
The sun has disappeared but it's still brighter than ever
My eyes wanna break in tears, but there's no ducts to let 'em
There's no more pain, no more death
God dwells with his people, and forever we will rest… rest