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Lirik Brinson - Hit The Floor

Opening: (Oh lord, No Other Heroes, Oh Lord, Just let me do ... a little freestyle.. yo yo Yo )
I come back chase God again with a freestyle Flow snatch you outta sin
Cloning the twelve discipline'N trying to be like Christ come we recycling
Rowdy Christians rioting trying to save u from the flame u spiraling
Lose yo sin start dieting and follow Jesus he's Piloting
HOOK: If your body wants some more come and meet me on the floor if your body want some more come and more me on the floor

Walk in the room they like Who dat is
came to change some lives yea dats my biz
kingdom biz so thats Hiz Biz
the boyz on the block he done flipped his wig
yes i did look what i flipped and did
gave my flows to heaven so yea thats big
i use to rap for the devil got another gig
taking rap out of the grave shovel to dig
i'm bout to take it all back like zig - lag

I rep a big cross like zig -zag
dead man walking no toe - tag
With free salvation no price tag
The boy got a shield the boy got a sword
got blessing stored the boy got the Lord
snored and got bored with what the world record
Gave God my vocal cords let lion roar
HOOK Repent 

Them Church boys back who let them in/
Got you on the dance floor not in sin
We ain't trying to tell you to get rich and live fast
we might tell you to go on a fast
turn your plate over and listen to God
change up your crew switch up your squad
if yall ain't going to the same place say peace
how can two walk together unless they agree

I'ma take it back like the Kid N'Play
Use to have a high top Kid N'Play
I had to cut it off like my old sin
old girlfriend I can can't call again
I had to walk away no rear view
Meet me on the dance floor if he saved you
Im'a im'a street light with no curphew
Meet me on the dance floor if he saved you
Hook Repent 

Switch the flow oh mayne
Spit FIyah Propane
kicking Flows Lui Kang
The Devil tryied to take me out Lo Mien
Hot Cold No Luke warm
Get Saved Transform
Mindrenewed brainstorm

aint no looking back after when conform
Hells Hot not freezy Boy
No Trap Music Dis ain't Jeezy Boy
Lead by the Spirit nO wiggyboard
Yea Jesus Christ Hiz the Lord
He King He Reign
Sky Crack Coming back again
So Fly No AirPlane
Boy full of the Holy Ghost ordained