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Lirik Lagu Rohani Da TRUTH - Hope

Everybody in the building
Everybody got a hand in the air
Everybody got a hand in the air
Everybody got a hand in the air
Everybody in the building
Everybody got a SHHHH

We all want it, we all need it
We all gon' feel the cares of this life
But we got that hope
We all gon' fell the pressure
But know that we got that hope
In case you feel defeated
In Jesus we got that hope 
In Jesus we got that hope 
In Jesus we got that hope 

Blue collar, white collar
Black professors, white scholars
Politicians, Dalai Lamas
Everybody in the whole wide world need hope
If I'll be honest
I'm in that number
But since he saved me
I'm a survivor
I promise to God
My due, I would go crazy
And I would go nuts, and I would go numb
Broken down to the lowest crumb
But I've been in that pit before, and they call me crazy
But I got that life, and I got that strength
In the midnight when the light goes dim
Let the cycle begin

Drug dealers, meth addicts
Single mommas, baby daddies
College students workin' hard but they 'bout to lose it
So here we come to bring them the truth
The good news, but they think we stupid (think we stupid)
But we got it tho'
Hope, more worth than a pot of gold
So much work, that we gotta go
A hope like this, they gotta know
And man I gotta mention
That they give a man a freedom
A man a really beat Him
And they put Him on the Cross
And then he really resurrected
Cuz they really did defeat Him
And when you are accepted
You are no longer lost
Let me break it down, give it to 'em
On the 5-5
Then we break it down
Give it to 'em on the 4-4
Tell 'em what we got on

Cold killers, gold diggers
Dope dealers, hustlin', grindin' go getters (hold up)
If you lookin' for peace, then you might want to roll with us (hold up)
It's going to streets to where we're going so hope's in us
Homie we go wit' a joy
Open my eyes then He opened your boy
Took out my heart that was focused on dough
Opened some doors and loaded yo' boy
Filled with that truth now you know we employed
Working for Him so we won't be destroyed
He's buildin' us up, and fillin' us up
With peace that surpasses I'm loaded with joy
Look at me, you can't hurt me
My God would never desert me
My heart has stopped but I'm good tho'
Cause I got hope like I should bro

We all want it
We all need it