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Lirik Lagu Rohani Jonny Diaz - Hold Me

Any other day I'd just run away
From what lies ahead
But right here I stay I've chosen to remain
Right where I've been led

I cannot see the end and I cannot pretend
Seas are calm ahead
And the only thing that I can ever cling to
Is what you've said

The clouds assume command
The sky unrolls its wrath
But firmly still I stand
There's no turning back

I need you to hold me
When the storms begin to rage
Cause you know me
And you know that I'm afraid
I'd rather go around but I'm following now
So I'll trust that we'll make it through
Just help me remember I'm never alone
I'm walking with you

What is still unknown has caused my fear to grow
Fear of what's unseen
But with your embrace I know I can face
All that's facing me