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Lirik Lagu Rohani Lov'd Ones - Hold Onto Hope

You think you have it bad, Always wanting more
Never satisfied, And your always bored
Trying to fill a void, Cars and toys
But no more, dont store
Seen things that blow your mind, A third world child
So satisfied, with nothing but a smile
We've all got it wrong, Chasing babylon
But no more, dont store

Looks bad like they sinking down slowly
Don't let them pull you down cause they lonely
Prophesied from the crown that they phony
Listen to the Lord

Hold on to hope, there is a day thats soon approaching
When the weak are made strong hold on
Trust in his love even when the night feels like for ever
The morning will come hold on
Lets give a round of applause, to my 3rd fam
Class is in session teach us Americans
Teach us to be content, regardless of cents
We stand on

Find joy in the small, embrace your Lov'd Ones
Give thanks you got to see another morning sun
Stop thinking about yourself, then you'll find joy
And love
We trusting in the father,
Our hope is in the father,