Lirik Bandit Gang Marco - Wont Be Shit

As A Kid I Had To Play My Part
Went To Skool I Had To Go Get Smart
In Kindergarten Was Too bad They Had To keep Me Back
The Other Kids Went Up A Grade They Looked At Me & Laughed (Hu Fuck'em)
Mama Said Don't Touch Em Unless They Touch Ya
If You Too Big Pick Up A Brick Shiid Go and Buss'em,
Ha, I love that Mufucka,
Mom Said Don't You Trust These Mufuckas 
Mom Said Don't You Trust These Mufuckas 

We Aint Have Shit
West Side Simpson Rd We Grew Up In Da Bricks
Zone 1 I Grew up on The Shits
My Step Dad Was A Walkin Dead
Damn! Don't Let This Sangin Shit Fool ya
Cause I'm quick To Hop Up On That Oblemdula
Yeah, This Is No Game Hoe
Got Dem Hoes When I Found Out I'ca Sang Tho
Middle school Is Where I Lean't It All
Had To Learn How To Fight Had To Grow Some Balls

Started Maturin Then I Started Getting Tall
Can't Fail Anotha Grade Know I Cut the Fall
Not To Mention That I Gotta Fuckin Twin
We Supposed To Be Togetha How The Fuck I'm Letting Em Win
I Was A Fool On The Court
The Coach Was A Dub He'n Let Me Play Sports
Shit, Ian Have No Clothes Ian Have A Fit
Started Stealing That's How We Got Up On This Bandit Shit

And Then I Went To Doug
Cun Focuss On My Work Cause I Was Focuss On These Slugs
10th Grade Then I Moved To Edgewood
Fuckin w// LuhKarry My first Time Locked Up
Had A Whole Bunch Of Haters Call'em frienemies
One Time For Pamela Cause She Took My Virginity
Me And Luh Darias Gave That Skool Hell, Huh?
I Done Fucked Around And Fell In Love W Ciara

This Hoe Done Hit Me W Some Milk I Had To Beat The Hoe Up
Was My 3rd Strike Them Folks Done Sent Me Back To Doug, Damn!
Took It to the Bluff W Luh D And Jock
Black sam and Maino we all was sealing rocks
2012 The Homicide Was On The Block
Now Im On the Phone W Qwop Like. FUCK the Cops!!
Tell Me Whyy!!
Do They Sayy!!

People Like Me Me Me Won't Be Shii
Me Me Won't Be Shii
Me Won't Be Shii
Ohh Nooo!!
Me Won't Be Shii
Me Me Won't Be Shii
Me Won't Be Shii Oh No YeahYeah
Hatin On Mee

Why They Hatin On Me
Why They Hatin On Me
Why They Hatin On Me

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