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Lirik Bob - London Jae Juice

I got 99 problems, nigga 99 flavors
Big crib sit on 99 acres
I got 99 bitches, brought me 99 haters
Two cups, five rings, I’m a laker
Ay, if she bad Imma take her
If she ain’t fucking Imma make her
And if she rich, Imma break her
Poolside, sipping mud, dripping flavor

I got the juice
Start running with your cup
GirI I got the juice
All your friends want a sip
Take a dip in the pool
She can’t hold it back when she ready to choose
Start running with your cup
Girl I got the juice

I be fresher than a salad nigga
This kind of swag is a blessing
Big ring for the [?] nigga
I’m dripping [?] daddy dressing
I’m having money like a motherfucker
Running through the paper like Hammer
Pull up on whoever and get to em
I’m on the beach in some sandals nigga
Feeling like a player, way I’m kicking shit
These bitches wanna hang like a nail
Get to peeling shit
I move around the city like the mayor
And I’m on my grind
Running out of time in this verse nigga press rewind

She a tutor, and she work at Hooters
Working on her Zumba
She from Cuba, told me come and scoop her
I’ll be over sooner
I be zooming, never let my roof up, whipping like it’s Kunta
Unidentified foreign object, take me to your ruler, right
She bout to let me scuba dive
Legs up like some suicides
She gone throw it at me, Imma utilize
Kill that pussy, now it’s crucified
Resurrect, give me hella neck, like a turtleneck
Take a break, let a nigga rest, light a cigarette
No regrets, kinda like a porno movie set
We execs, hopping off the jet, off to Paris next