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Lirik Dc Young Fly - Panda (Remix)

Ball player from Atlanta
I used to be cockin' these hammers
I still be cockin these hammers, I used to be servin' like Tony Montana
I used to put Xanny all into my Fanta, they hit me a Molly then talk 'bout bandanas, then let out some shots to relieve all the ammo

'Lanta born, I'm the truth tho
West Side, what it do ho
Lotta these rappers be talkin' Atlanta, but why they hadn't go to school tho
Never ran, boy I'm still here
War wound from the field here
Since you not feelin me, paralyze you with these bars go and get a wheelchair

? rhymes bumpin meat tho
Cause we really from the street tho
I'm fuckin' a Spanish bitch, she don't know English, have to call her Mamacito
My cat grew on these hoes, I act a fool on these hoes
Ya I do comedy please do not bother me, keep a tool on these hoes
I cock and shoot on these hoes, I never choose on these hoes
Eventually they goin be enemies, so I just keep it smooth on these hoes
I be hearin' lotta nonsense, I be talkin to my conscience
When I did ? , had on a glove, can't let them find the palm print

Is this the part where I'm supposed to say Panda?
Ok cool


Hehehe ahhh do what the fuck I wanna do on this nigga's beat
(Here we go!)