Lirik Don Strapzy - Inn Freestyle |

Uh, come on
I, I, I get about
I'm hopping out with a weapon out
Yeah, oi Scott Styles
F about, I get about
I'm hopping out with a weapon out
Oi Scott Styles, you're naughty for this one
Uh, check

I'm tryna pack more shows
Trap more cro'
Music or road, man I do both
I don't give a motherfuck
If I knuckle up
White or black, well he'll still get an uppercut
Cause I'm Eubank
A rap star plus I move dank
I'll put the mic down and punch him up
There's a bunch of us
Fuck [?] when I'm out there robbing, that's double Dutch
Get it? If not don't stress it
Twitter need to give me two ticks like I read it
I don't smoke it but I sell it
Lewisham to Greenwich
Licking off shots, call me [?]

No designer tops, DON only
But I wear Stoney
You think this man kind? I ain't Mick Foley
I'm Don Strapzy
Fresh up off the back street

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