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Lirik Emilie & Ogden - Ten Thousand

Far and wide, I've searched for the coin
In the mouth of a fish
And I have found
Nothing yet

Call on the half moon to shine its light onto
Your loaded heart
Well this has gotta start
Wish I could move you with ten thousand talents
But all I've got
Is this fever heart
Burns like a sun
All the hearts that you won
Only go so far
Far as I can tell

I can swim but I don't walk on water
I'd never have known if I never had bothered
And these days I am a little off balance
Cause I am a slave to ten thousand talents
But I can tell you that
Now that if you do that again
I will love and leave you
So fast it will make your head spin
Do you know all of the trouble that you're in?

Ten thousand talents that you'll never see
Ten thousand talents that I'll never be
Ten thousand reasons to stay or to leave me