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Lirik Ice City - Boyz Conflict

You know I bust lead
Till I hear nuff's dead
I'm talking broad day in front of the cam
Like fuck feds
You little ary come ups
Act hype until you see the big ary come ups
You niggas getting bun up
Heart's colder than the motherfucking winter
Same shit
Niggas see Fatz and turn sprinter
I put my hand on my heart
Them man are big puppies
And all the olders are wash
Or they been duppied
And we don't beef like them man
With dis tracks
We just drive to a mans ends
With this Mac
And niggas getting shot
cah my heads hot
Ask about the kid
You know I make my gun pop
People meet me in the flesh
And say dash the dude
I put in so much work
I don't have to move
I saw Cash on (?)
And I shed a tear
I told him you're a G
Till you disappear

I'm from a block where it's both
We ain't got one foot in
Forget a chick
I'm bout a brick
Coz we're all jugging
I give you dinner
Even afters, you're getting pudding
Fiends give me raised eyebrow
Smell what I'm cooking
I'm on the block with a (?)
Got the youngers looking
Watching out for the feds
Tryna get a booking
Got the neighbours think it's domestics
How I'm whooping
Whip the rock and give the fiends
Hit the block and live my dreams
Keep that change
I ain't stressing
You ain't never straight
Dudes think I'm already made
Don't wanna see me elevate
Nina said it's one eight
Hit em with the heavy plate
Niggas got pride
Till they drive through the pearly gates
Them niggas stunting
Make nothing
They brought the half back
Shot round town
There was nothing
They want my hard back
Seen niggas hate their own friends
Coz they can't trap
Girls ask what's wrong
You want me to slip
And I can't lack

Three bricks up in a boot
I'm tryna get it
I ain't stopping for no feds
Foot down
Man I'm revving
It's that money, cash, p
You know I'm stack it loads
I been grinding in the coldest weathers
I spent eight on a fucking coat
Made a couple drop-offs
Cruising in my whip
One button
Watch the top drop
Didn't wanna buck us
Eight in my clip
I greased it up
Man they ain't jamming
I just copped a new ting
Ca see these niggas where they hanging
They just draw outs
Fuck all of them bruddas
Man we winning
Spent seven on my wrist
I ain't afraid to go swimming
My nigga's eighteen
He put a Carti where his wrist be
Any threats sent
We sending corn back
Coz I ain't worried bout my ops
I'm by the river Thames
With a bad b
That's TT uck
Smoking Am
Thinking can't let these violations pass me
Weapon in my hand
The same price as a heartbeat

Baby you know I'm here still
Giuseppe and a bit of DSQUARED still
F with the G
I'll show you how premier feels
Peel off and rare wheels
In the wildlife like Bear Grylls
Come to my block
You see bare grills
Block's icy like the motherfucking winter
Gyal see us and wanna follow like Insta
Ca my lifestyle's sexy
And all them niggas know
We them niggas up next g
You shouldn't doubt the wave
Nigga I'm about my papes
Me and paps
OT trips
In and out them lanes
Fuck the jakes
I know their whips by their number plate
Tryna stop the hustle
I got grease that'll numb your face
Chasing racks with my team
Rack in my jeans
Man it's back to my dreams
Married to the game
I been wifing it
Just a city boy
But I put ice in it

Trapstar Toxic
Uhh, look
Still up and down for this cash
I can't stop it
Got a nank on my waist when I step
Get it in public
Line blowing down for the am
I'm fully shotting
A six [?] bring you a box
I ain't the plug yet
Still I'm supplying
The feds be clocking the plate
I'm up and down in my whip
That ain't a rental
It's me
Life hit me with the stress
Now I'm better
My life's sweeter
I just left Dubai
Eating shrimp by the Marina