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Lirik L-Fresh The Lion - 1 In 100,000

This is the beat we dance to
Tribal warfare, let the rhythm prepare you
There’s too much fear and we’ve been given a handful
It’s time to break out, ain’t no need to be careful
Ground breaker, movement maker
Too many sleep walkers, we need a wake up
Don’t believe what you see coz what is you see is fake
If triple z’s is the steez we gon’ need a shake up

Even if I'm 1 in 100,000
I'ma stay strong, never backing down from
Anything that comes, I'ma stand my ground son
I give you my word, that's one you can count on

Even if I'm 1 in 100,000
I'ma stay strong, never backing down from
Anything that comes, I'ma stand my ground son
So 1, 2, 3, drop

If life’s a test then I’ma play hard
And take an A+ to the grave yard
It's time for the real to take charge
We've been at war too long, it's time to make art
Too much TV, hah, my brains scarred
Smokes and mirrors, it's hard to take part
The rhetoric's flat so I must stay sharp
There's too many sheep and not enough brave hearts
If you’re ready for roll then let’s go
I’m calling out the young and the old so let’s go
If the pain’s too much to hold then let go
Get up, get up, let’s go, let’s go
I was born battle ready
A sword swinging beast I’m feasting on adversaries
My lineage of warrior status is legendary
I have risen from the past, no longer imaginary
I see power hungry addicts tryna prove who the baddest
Some will rise, some will fall, that’s just straight mathematics
Either elevate your status or get lost in the madness
Refugees overseas, there’s a cost to be savage and that’s that
Lock them away and we all just clap, clap
We got nothing to say, that’s it, yo that’s that
They’re raising the stakes we all just clap, clap
Listen up, I got something to say, and that’s…

Ha yo this is a protest
Coz to stand by and say nothing's a slow death
Temptation, there's more than a mouthful
But I'll never let it be the cause of my downfall
Ha, I'ma switch the style like a southpaw
You're gonna try take me out? yo that's doubtful
I stay prepared coz the journey is long
And I'm not in it for the sprint, I'm in it for the marathon

So just bounce to this
Go ahead and get down to this
I can go for round for round on this
And I’m a man of my word so you can count on it